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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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golden gate bridge, it is not moving this morning. >> that means you won't have as many lanes and you're also dealing with the wet roads. good morning, i'm reggie aqui. >> i'm natasha zouves. more on the barrier issue in just a moment. but let's start with meteorologist mike nicco. hey, mike. >> have some patience and something to keep you dry but not as warm as yesterday. it's a little bit milder outside. our best radar returns right now from san francisco, right across oakland, and into the east bay, all the way to discovery bay into the altamont pass and there's a little bit of a break coming in the steadiness of the rain but when it comes back later this afternoon, it's going to be heavier. we're supposed to be looking at walnut creek. i think i stole your shot there, alexis. we've rain and windy conditions this afternoon and evening. hour by hour look at that coming up that's okay, mike. save me some time. i don't have to show you that now and you can see we've got those metering lights flip on. big difference than the last
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couple weeks there combined. dark green on live doppler 7, that's heavier stuff. so, right around the pass, we've got some steady rain at the moment and you're down to about 15 miles an hour. westbound 205 to 580, so central valley commute look more normal than it has the last couple weeks. weeks. drive times than ten if you commute from marin, we are wishing you sincere luck. >> amy, as we've been checking in with you, hasn't looked so bad yet. >> reporter: not too bad. we're learning that a lot of people from marin county don't get up too early. not too bad yet. look at it. you're looking at southbound traffic. this is marin county headed into san francisco. these people are only going to have three lanes this morning. they usually have four. that's because they've got some
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issues with their movable median barrier. it h it's broken. engineers are working on the problem. at this point, they don't know what caused the problem. they say they hope to have it fixed by today but since they've never encountered this before, they're not sure when they're going to have it up and running but for this morning, it is going to be a rough commute. with a spokesperson telling me about 110,000 vehicles cross this bridge every day. also wet out here plus you've got the three lanes instead of four so marin county commuters heading sbood into the city, give yourself some extra time this morning. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. parts of the bay area certainly waking up to some cold wet weather this morning. >> live picture from fremont, the rain has been coming down for a while there. light stuff for the most part and check out all the snow. and we are not talking about video from the sierra. in fact, this video is from wine
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country. getting some significant snow, the most that we've seen in years. this is what it looked like yesterday near healdsburg. one group drove to catch that rare sight. this is just the beginning of a week that's expected to pack quite a punch. >> still clinging to some areas of napa county. this is what it was like along highway 29 yesterday. the summit is about 2200 feet high and snow was reported as low as 2,000 feet. >> take a look at light snow flurries atop in marin county. it was only enough to make the roads a little bit wet. the national weather service reports the last measurable snow on mt. tam was last march. you can track on our abc 7 news app. make sure you enable push alerts to get weather advisories right on your phone 6:03 now and happening today, northern california crabbers and sea foold wholesalers plan to meet and try to end the strike that has stalled crab season. fishermen began striking on the north coast last week, and that
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followed one large wholesale trying to regroesht the price of crab. some retailers have sold out after fresh crabs after the holiday rush if you have business at the alameda county cleerk's office today, they will be reducing hours in the new year. starting today, offices at all county courthouses are going to close at 2:30 instead of 4:30 on weekdays. the county has also eliminated some jobs to help save money. friends and family of an 18-year-old santa rosa woman killed in a suspected dui crash have set up a go fund me account. she was riding in the front passenger seat of a car that crashed into a tree new year's day. police say the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and placed under arrest for felony dui. she is said to make her first
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court appearance tomorrow. we don't know what their relationship was. you will find a link on our website, president-elect donald trump's senior advisory kelleyanne conway spoek on gma this morning on several issues, including north korea. the future president tweeted yesterday that he will not let north korea develop nuclear weapons capable of reaching parts of the u.s. conway said this morning, that tweet is some insight into his policies. >> president trump will be very tough on those who are developing nuclear capability. >> there's so few avenues, so few tools to stop them. what is the president-elect suggesting he's going to do? >> he has not stated that publicly, and he won't before the -- before he's inaugurated. >> as for russia hacking into the election, the president-elect says that he knows things most people don't about it, and he plans to talk about it either today or tomorrow. conway comment on the that but not elaborate on exactly what he meant. happening today, house republicans are expected to vote to drastically limit the power of the independent watchdog that
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investigates allegation of misconducted by lawmakers. congress created the office of congressional ethics eight years ago after a series of embarrassing scandals. so here with the changes. it's now going to be called the office of congressional complaint review. and it will be overseen by the house ethics committee. the group will no longer have to release information to the public or contact law enforcement. and it will also stop investigating anonymous complaints. republicans say this will streamline the process. democrats say it will undermine confidence in congress. 6:06 now. this is somewhat alarming. happening today, we are expecting to learn more details in the latest annual report. according to the examiner, collisions are on the rise. approximately seven now for every 100,000 miles traveled. there is some good news. crime on buses is at a four-year low and on-time performance is up by 3%. bay area universities ranked among the worst in the nation for jewish students. next, what a troubling new
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report is revealing about acceptance on campus and we are tracking the rain moving through the bay area right now. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. yep, you can see the rain drops on the lens here and certainly on the lens here and certainly traffic
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. hi, thought we'd start with the san mateo bridge. rain's not nearly as heavy as it was but the traffic seems to be a lot heavier. you can see up across the north bay, getting some pockets of drier air right now but it doesn't mean you're out of the woods. in fact, you'll get the heaviest of the rain as we head towards noon. pockets of dryer weather starting to develop on the peninsula but the east bay is looking wet. we've had about .2 of on inch in sfo but no delays being reported. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s just about everywhere right now. little milder today. we'll have low to mid # 50s, even 57 in oakland and fremont, low to his 50s, even more cooling thursday. but check out our chances of rain the next seven days. just about every one of them and i'll tell you more about it coming up next. leer here's alexis it's getting bsz.
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we've got a rollover crash in the south bay. we knew it was only a marmt of time with volumes starting to increase today. it's on the northbound 880 off ramp to mission boulevard, landed on the left shoulder. reportedly, someone is still trap ared inside that vehicle but it sounds like they're okay. nbc 880 connecter to mission boulevard, nothing blocked yet but i think that will change once emergency crews arrive. no problems getting through walnut creek, a little stop and go traffic on okay on 680 and 24. 55 minutes, though, westbound 580 between tracy and dublin. next, accidental stow away. a baggage handler ended up in the cargo hold during an entire flight crazy story and a leopard on the loose in india, a scary moment as locals try to stop this dangerous rampage. here's what the commute here's what the commute looks like on i've been on my feel all day.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. abc 7 mornings. >> it's 6:15 on a wet back to work tuesday. this is a live look in walnut creek. people are hitting the roads this morning and it is wet out there. we're going to keep tracking this for you. this video out of bengal, india, after searching for a leopard for 11 hours in a
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residential area, a group of volunteers finally cornered the animal. as you'll see, the leopard still got away. the group took it upon themselves to trap the leopard after reports that injured at least 15 people in attacks. the leopard is still on the loose. and they're saying the animals are straying into cities where often now they're searching for food because habitats are shrinking. sad. this next story is unbelievable. united airlines is investigating how one of its baggage handlers ended up locked inside a plane's cargo hold for a whole flight. no one found the employee until after the hour and a half long flight. united says the unidentified man is okay. the united express flight was operated by mer sa airlines. a new -- new york newspaper says san francisco state university is among the worst schools in the nation for jewish students, tenth because it's affiliated with a palestinian university that allegedly has
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ties to terror and glorifies attacks on jews. berkeley is also on the list. it ranks 12th because of the reinstatement of a student-run course advocating for the destruction of the state of israel. some jewish students feel unsafe but there's no threat of violence. well, spike in odd burglaries in alameda realtors and police tells us thieves have been breaking into lock boxes to get into homes. police say along with the usual electronics, the burglars are taking items like mini-fridges and picture frames. >> we found some cigarette butts, pull lows on the floor, which appears that they've been maybe sleeping in the home or even showering in the home. >> well, police are getting the word out to realtors to alert neighbors when a home is for sale and to keep alarms activated even if the residents have move out already. livermore police say they are processing fingerprints and
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they're trying their fwoes track down the suspects. if you have been waiting for rain, wait no longer. we have lots of it. and it comes in many waves this week. >> not just today but all week. >> except for thursday. i think thursday is our one day to get outside and not worry about wet weather. and you'll need that new wet weather gear you got for the holidays. golden gate bridge, a little light rain right now and the south wind blowing it to the north at about 15 miles per hour. let's take a look at what's going on. you can see down in fremont, we've got some of the darker green right there, coming out there at mission parkway, heading down towards the great mall parkway in milpides. and also, right now, moving through the santa cruz mountains, that's going to head up towards palo alto and possibly menlo park so a little downpour possible right there. here's a look at richmond. you can definitely see some ponding on the toll plaza right there. they've had about .1 inch of a
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rain. your accuweather highlights today. light rain this morning and heavy, gusty winds this afternoon. brief break thursday and then another storm saturday, sunday, monday, probably more rain this moderate storm is going to bring us. ne minor flooding. possibly in the north bay mountains and santa cruz mountains on those burn scars. 7:00 to 9:00, you can see there may be a little bit of a lull but it starts to pick up again, especially north of the samt bring at 9:00. the first wave is going to hit the north bay by noon. look by the evening commute, just about all of us except for the south bay dealing with light to moderate rain in the south bay, you'll get it as we head flut evening hours. look at that yellow and orange, 7:00, evening some reds during the evening hours, but during the overnight hours, it'sgoing to taper down to tomorrow's commute. 2/3 of an inch to
6:19 am
bay. a storm this weekend will wash out saturday and sunday, could be even stronger. >> it took a while but have some dintsz on the boards. taking a look at the westbound side of 92, we had reports of a vehicle that hit that guardrail on the right-hand side. i haven't spotted it on this camera but traffic is definitely starting to slow down and i do have live doppler 7 on the traffic map. mike was talking about fremont, millpides area, you can see the darker green. and that is where we have a rollover crash so the northbound 880 off ramp to mission boulevard, still just the left shoulder blocked. they are working on getting them out. one more problem in napa, two to three vehicles involved there. one of the vehicles left the roadway, so emergency crews on the way, doesn't look like that one's causing a big back-up yet. >> thank you, alexis. guilty or not guilood morni up a at 7:00. >> amy is live where from new
6:20 am
york city with look at what's ahead. >> good morning, natasha and reggie. we're talking about that travel nightmare as millions return from the holiday. a major computer outage creating huge customs delays at some of the biggest airports in the country, what caused that disruption just ahead and then we'll have the latest on ma carrie's new year's eve fiasco. is there a legal battle heating up and does either side actually have a case? and then our exclusive interview with carrie fisher's sisters, what they are saying about their big sister and the side of carrie most people didn't get to see. it's a very heartwarming and emotional interview that we have for you. that and so much more coming up next mere on gma. >> we all still remember that incredible interview that you did with carrie wlas year so we're looking forward to it. thank you very much. if you have unexpected medical bill, there is something you can do. seven on your side's michael finny explains.
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plus a tiny hero. watch as a young boy saves twin brother. check out some of the photos we've been getting of weather in the bay area and when you see rain or as you can see in these pictures, snow where you live, pictures, snow where you live, post them with
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6:23 in the morning and it is wet out there. you can definitely see the slick tarmac. we just checked. there are no delays or cancellations at this time. of course we'll keep close tabs on that for you. happening today, boston is going to start testing self-driving cars. massachusetts gave the green light to the company called nutomomy to start testing. testing is going to be limited to daytime and to good weather, and if all goes well, testing will expand to other areas and night or in rain or snow. the car is going to have a person in the driver's seat to take over if needed. 6:24 now and it's time to ask finney. >> the question today from juan carlos, who wants to ask about hospital bills. seven on your side's michael finney has his answer. >> i was at a hospital and my wife came to visit me. in the process of getting the
6:25 am
hospital, she ran into a door, and she was injured. and they treated her and now the hospital is sending us the bill. i don't think that's fair for me having to pay for that bill. >> hey, juan carlos, it was great meeting you at our ask finney event in walnut creek. i see your point. it really doesn't seem fair, does it? i want you to begin with the hospital ombudsman. start by telling them i send you. then explain, probably best in writing, why you believe the hospital is at fault for the injury. now, if that doesn't pan out, if they don't move, call me here at the station. juan carlos, good luck and happy new year. if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone, send it to ussen social media and use the #ask finney or go to our website. you might see your question answered right here on abc 7 mornings. we have really scary but just incredible video of a toddler saving his twin. the video is incredibly jarring
6:26 am
but we can tell you that the boys are okay before you watch this. look at this. the twins climbing on the dresser and it happens so fast. it just falls on them. now, it does appear that the open drawers helped absorb some of the impact but one of the brothers is clearly trapped on the left there. you can see the other one trying to lift it, looking for ways to help. he eventually manages to shove the dresser back, freeing his twin. their mom says she didn't even hear anything when this happened, but they have now bolted the dresser to the wall and they hope the video spreads safety awareness to other families who see this. that was incredible instinct, that brotherly love. next at 6:30, 17 days and counting in the inauguration and president-elect trump has positions to fill. the move he could make today to round out that cabinet. an arson investigation underway in san francisco, why a homeless man says he was targeted in his own tent. and ding, ding, round one is here and it's light but it's going to come with a flurry of jabs, and the form of some moderate to heavy rain during
6:27 am
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. good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings.
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live doppler 7 showing us a lot of green as another round of storms moves into the bay area, six of the next seventh days could see rain. >> do expect the showers. you can see from our live cameras right now, drivers from the north to the south bay already dealing with those wet roads. we have team coverage starting with abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. >> hey, natasha, hey reggie,ly, everybody. just get settled in, it's going to be welt all morning. noon, we may get a little bit of a break in the south bay where i'm seeing some of the better radar returns right across 237 from mountain view and sunny vail but the evening commute is going to be even heavier. look at all that snow all inning in the sierra. explore toerm on this drizzly and light rain in san francisco. heavier across the north bay by noon, heavy rain and breezy conditions for all of us from at least 4:00 through 7:00 this evening on your 12-hour day
6:31 am
planner. just for temperatures low to mid 50s. been a bear this morning, alexis. couple new issues to talk about. if you're leaving the central valley, westbound 580 just before you get to grant line road, a new crash that is blocking the two right lanes, already seeing that stack-up on 205 and impacting 580 there so be on the lookout for that one. volumes are increasing today as well. and southbound 880 just before broadway, another crash that's been there for a while but sts now blocking once again the two right lanes so an update on that and a rollover crash near milipitas. new this morning, an investigation into possible arson underway now in san francisco. you can see video of the burned objects outside a church near 18th street and south van ness avenue. that fire started around 1:00 a.m. amos howard is a homeless veteran who claims the items that were burned belong to him. he believes he was targeted because he's been trying to stop car burglaries in the area. in fact, howard claims he spotted either the culprit or at least an eye-witness. >> i had just come home, and as
6:32 am
i came home, i heard this alarm going off just as i got right there by the stand. i ran over and he was in the car. i said, oh no. come on. why are you doing this? >> no injuries were reported there, but there is some damage to the church. as we've been telling you all morning long, drivers need to be prepared for the wet roads as we kick off the first full day of work for a lot of you. >> abc p's jessica castro watching things from the south bay and she is leave in fremont. good morning, jessica. >> good morning. here in fremont, we're starting to get somewhat of a wraek break. it's still driszing out here. we've seen a lot more people heading out to work and since i last checked in with you, we spoke to some commuters who say that the roads out there are a little more congested today and slower. >> traffic seemed to be okay, people are spacing themselves a
6:33 am
little bit lower speed. >> can you tell me how the commute's been for you this morning isn't the rain? >> little tougher today until the rain. after the last holiday week there was like nobody out here and then all of a sudden everyone's out here and slowly because of the rain. >> reporter: in fact, one man we spoke with said he nearly got -- saw an accident on the freeway with a big rig. the roads were slick and cars seemed to be sliding a little on 680 in this area. meanwhile, there's snow in santa clara county in mt. hamilton, it's fun, it can be dangerous, though. highway 130 is clo hamilton and we are just getting some sprinkles now but i can tell you that it has been steady throughout the morning and as i made my drive out here on 880 and then 680 from san francisco, we certainly saw that rain coming down the entire way so you may want to plan for some extra minutes this morning. live in fremont, jessica castro. >> we miss you in the studio and we appreciate you being out
6:34 am
there. and the sierra, chains are required because of dangerous driving conditions. caltrain shut down 7 miles of highway after drivers started spinning out there. it is now open again. several inches of snow have fallen and there is much more to come. the national weather service issued a winter storm warning. some areas could see more than 3 feet of snow this week. >> officials hope the first snow survey of the season brings some good news for the drought. they're going to take readings from the snow pack near southlake tahoe this morning. it's too soon to know whether we've gotten enough rain and snow to move closer to ending our five-year drought. the snow pack is usually at its deepest around april 1 so weather watchers won't know with certainty what kind of wet season it has until then. you can track our rain and snow with the abc 7 news app. enable push alerts and we'll get you that information on your phone as soon as we get it. 6:34 now and starting today, hetch hetchy, that san francisco's main kaur supply,
6:35 am
will be shut down for a nearly 100-year-old tunnel will be inspected. the more than 2.5 million people served by hetch hetchy should not notice a difference in their water. the shutdown is twice as long as usual inspections but five regional reservoirs are already in service. hetch hetchy is showing some wear. >> in our last inspection, we noted there was some deterioration of the lining of the tunnel. you have the possibility that that lining deteriorates and it starts to crumble and it starts to fall down and so you can put less and less water through that mountain tunnel and that's the concern going forward. >> the shutdown ends in early march. then the sfpuc will make the decision whether to build a new tunnel or restore the current one. the search for the 49ers' new general manager and head coach is underway. this has become an annual event now for the 49ers, having ceo jed york go out and say that the coach is gone. this is the third year in a row
6:36 am
a coach has been fired. the niners are reportedly scheduled head coach interviews with the patriots' josh mcdonnells, the falcons' kyle shanahan and the bills anthony lynn, all offensive coordinators. as for the team's poor performance, york made his position clear when he was asked why he shouldn't be fired. >> i own this football team. you don't dismiss owners and i'm going to do everything that i can to get this right. >> as for who he hires first a general manager or a head coach, york says that he has to be flexible. he made it clear the two in those positions have to get along. as the niners search for a new staff, the raiders are scrambling for a new quarterback. >> i own this football team. you don't dismiss owners and i'm going to do everything that i can to get this right. sorry, ran that wrong sound byte there. in any case, raiders fans are cautious but they have some
6:37 am
optimism that things will turn around. quarterback matt mcgloin went down with an injury on sunday. it's still unclear if he's going to play saturday in houston, so the team went out and signed free agent garrett gilbert, who has never thrown a pass in the nfl, so if mcgloin can't play, gilbert is going to likely back up rookie connor cook who threw his first nfl pass just two days ago. you can watch the raiders right here on abc 7. 6:37 now and authorities may be closing in on the shooter who gunned down at least 39 people at an istanbul nightclub over the weekend. investigators say this video shows the turkish place say he is known to authorities. they says he arrived in istanbul in november with his wife and two children. at least a dozen people have been arrested, including his wife, who claims that she did not know he was a member of isis. as soon as today, president-elect donald trump could share inside information
6:38 am
he claims to have about the investigation into whether russia hacked the u.s. election. irt follows a weekend event where he announced that he knew things about the ham that otherwise didn't and that it would be revealed today or tomorrow. mr. trump's press secretary says he won't necessarily reveal anything confidential and will instead talk about his conclusions of the classified report. mr. trump has scheduled an intelligence briefing on the hacking for midweek and senate republicans are expected to hold a hearing on cyber threats thursday. as for his transition to the white house, we are 17 days from inauguration and mr. trump is expected to nominate robert lighthizer as trade representative. he served as deputy trade representative under president ronald reagan. there are just a few more positions to fill in the administration's senior team. president obama will give his fair well address to the nation a week from today. the president is not going to make that address from the white house. instead, he's going to make it from his home city of chicago. that's also where his presidential library will be located. well, things back to normal
6:39 am
at ugs airports following a computer outage that caused min major delays. take a look at the total gridlock yesterday. the u.s. customs and border protection processing systems were out for about four hours. now, this only affected inbound international travelers. they had to be processed by other, slower means. some passengers who were affected just got off a ten-plus hour flight. understandably, they said this was the last thing they wanted to deal with. >> planes were completely -- lines were chaotic. there was no system to who got through fast and who had to wait two hours. >> they herd you into one line, then another line, then another line and it was just chaos. >> authorities don't know the exact cause of the disruption, but say at this point, there doesn't appear to be my malicious intent. now, your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> it's a soggy start to our tuesday. hi, everybody. live doppler 7 update right there. light to moderate rain across
6:40 am
san francisco. south san francisco, san bruno, a little more moderate rain as you go from castro valley. and that is going to continue for the next hour or so. good thing it's milder this morning. temperatures about 46 to 49 tlu most of the south bay, 43 in los gatos for the cool spot, 49 in newark, alameda, lafayette, and right now 44 in nevado. here's a look at the bay bridge from south beach. exercising that new gym membership you bought? nice day inside. it will be better. exercising outside, unless you like to get rained on. water's going to become breezy this afternoon. and on the roads, it's going to be much heavier. evening drive is going fob the worst with downpours pounding on the roadways. hold on tightly. here's a look at walnut creek. mid to upper 50s today, mid 50s tomorrow, upper 40s to low 50s
6:41 am
our only dry day, thursday. more rain coming up in the accuweather seven day forecast. >> we are starting to ramp things up for the commute. really quiet the last couple weeks with most folks off for the holiday. most are back today and we're starting to see some incidents pop up as well. northbound 101 on the peninsula there just north of 84, we had a two-vehicle collision. chp was just able to clear that so some residual delays. also a rollover crash. landed on the left-hand shoulder, but obviously if it's a rollover, they've got to get that totally flipped around the other way. does sound like everybody is okay so that is the good news but boy, slow down drive for conditions today. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights on for the first time in about a week and they've been on for over an hour. so just gives you an idea. little more congested today as you head out the door. crash near grant line road, i'll talk more about that. southbound 680, dublin to
6:42 am
mission boulevard, and northbound 85, doing okay between 101 and cupertino, that is in the green. >> thank you, alexis. trouble for north bay commuters heading across the golden gate bridge this morning. next, why there could be a back-up. also new warnings about the also new warnings about the impact that life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing.
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because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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it is 6:44. looking at the golden gate bridge this morning. north bay commuters going back to work after the holidays, they won't just be dealing with wet roads. >> they're also going to be dealing with potential delays because the movable barrier on the bridge isn't moving. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the bridge with the potential issue. hey, amy. >> hi, natasha. there isn't much of a back-up yet. traffic is moving, it looks like a lot of people are sleeping in coming out of marin county. they are not up and at it yet. so, traffic is still moving just fine. you're looking at southbound traffic coming from marin county head headed into san francisco. these drivers only have three lanes today. they usually have four. here's what it looks like on the bridge this morning. we drove it. you did not see the usual crews moving the barrier to open up the fourth lane for this busy time of day. the movable barrier is open. engineers don't know why it broke.
6:46 am
they will work they hope to have it fixed today but a spoekesperson told me they've never dealt with this before. they have 10,000 vehicles that cross this bridge every day and they adjust to meet demands. so, but today, they're not able to do that. so give yourself some extra time today if you're headed into the city or leave now if you can because it doesn't look so bad. it's also wet out here so a couple of factors for you to deal with this morning. reporting live in marin county, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. this story is all over social media. you're going to look at your screen and what we're going to show you is an outburst on board a flight bound for sfo. the man was apparently upset because passengers on either side of him were talking to each other. this happened sunday just 40 minutes after the united plane took off from australia. flight attendants were trying to calm him down. >> once the flight attendants intervened and tried to deescalate everything, he then
6:47 am
used homophobic slurs toward the knight flight attendants. >> and he wasn't done there because then he yelled racist slurs and was trying to grab drinks off the beverage cart. the flight was diverted to new zealand and passengers were rebooked on a flight yesterday. police arrested the man to question him and he was not allowed to enter auckland. no word yet on where he flew next. scientists are puzzles and investigating a rise in porpicide in san francisco bay. bottle nose dolphins are randomly and viciously attacking their smaller cousins, the harbor porpoises. more and more bottle nose dolphins are being spotted inside the bay. in fact, reports more than 400 were seen in san mateo and before that, they rarely swam north of santa barbara and now they're being seen as far north as mendocino. scientists say that worm watear are luring them north. a new study in california
6:48 am
has linked excessive drinking to a range of heart conditions. now the question is, what is over consumption? doctors say the answer is typically vague and subjective so patients have a difficult time gauging their level of consumption >> the fact of the matter is that one serving of alcohol, if you talk about wine, is this. okay? 5 ounces. this is what most people are drinking. so if you think, oh, well i drink seven, eight, nine glasses a week, you could be doubling that. >> generally, one drink for a woman per sitting and two for men is considered moderate consumption. if you want to hear more on this topic, doctors jennifer ashton and richard besser will weigh in on gma starting at 7:00 a.m. right here on abc 7. if you're headed back to work today, expect many of your coworkers to be distracted, maybe doing shopping than our phones. >> jan king live at the nasdaq
6:49 am
with that story and more. >> who has money left over the after the holidays? we've got black friday, small business saturday, now there's another day joining the shopping line-up, holiday hangover day. now this year it falls on january 3, today, which is the day most americans head back to the office. now, karaccording to the sale tracking website, retailers seen an uptick in online sales as people log in from their cubicles. last year, there was a 15% spike on this day. and pizza hut slashing prices but only if you mobile or online. the price of pizzas have been cut by 50%. the steal is available through january 9 as they try to compete against dominos and their successful web and mobile ordering system. and during 2016, u.s. drivers saved act $27 billion on fuel compared with the prior year, according to aaa. but the recent jump in gas and diesel prices has drivers and people wondering what the future holds and in fact opec cut
6:50 am
production on january 1 as expected. that should drive prices even higher. the dow is up about 150 pin points at the moment. s&p and nasdaq up strongly for this first day to have 2017, getting closer to 20,000. i'm jane king, back to you. >> jane, thank you. you know, i was skeptical about the shopping day. >> i'm very skeptical. >> but you got great presents for your family and friends. today is the day to treat yourself. >> treat yourself. >> treat yourself, mike nicco. >> does that mean you can take things back too? not that i've ever had to. my wife does a wonderful job. thank you, honey. here's a look at the potential for puddles is starting to dissipate on the san mateo bridge as the rain is starting to let up and the traffic is increasing, which is thinning out that .1 inch since midnight. highway 4 has been wet all morning. continues to be that way. and you can see the little bit of a drying trend as we're
6:51 am
turning over from the insteadier light to maddow. but this low out here and this tropical moisture going to hook up and bring us a big time storm tonight and into tomorrow morning. 280 and 17 still wet. increasing rain and wind this afternoon, your first accuweather highlight. rain diminishes thursday through friday morning. today, moderate with that moderate to heavy rain, 2 on our storm impact scale. windy afternoon and evening. here we are from 7:00. you can see a little bit of a let-up, 9:00 it's mainly a north bay event all the way up until noon. starting to get back into that rainy pattern and you can see by 4:00, yellows, oranges, so moderate to heavy rain during the evening commute. here we are at 7:00, some reds push in between 7:00 and 10:00 for the heaviest of the rain and then as we head towards the overnight hours, it starts to taper a little bit but we've got more rain tomorrow. let's take a look at rainfall through tomorrow morning.
6:52 am
almost everybody about an inch to 2 inches up in the north bay. here's your break thursday through friday morning, friday evening, the next storm comes in and it will be moderate, a washout saturday and sunday. alexis. okay. take a look at the san mateo bridge right now, chp doing a full stop of westbound 92 because we have a vehicle that lost control, hit that right guardrail and if you can look closely, you can see the flashing lights, tow truck trying to get into position so i believe we're going to get this cleared off to the left shoulder and traffic should be released here any moment but obviously, well, yeah, maybe they're going to let them go right now. okay. we're working on getting that car hooked up to the tow truck, may have to do another break to get that totally clear. in the meantime, let's look at drive times. golden gate bridge not bad as amy said. we were expecting delays to fill in with only three lanes open instead of four on the southbound side but 8 minutes right, 17 across the bay bridge, 30 for san mateo bridge. i think that will be the yellow here momentarily and a quick
6:53 am
check of our situation out in the central valley, westbound 580 before grant line road, we did have a crash in the two right lanes, that is working on clearing right now. alexis, thank you. we're coming back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. but first, a look at some of the snow photos you're sharing with us. share your weather photos and share your weather photos and video, use the
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back, it's 6:54, whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are sefb things you need to know. first has to do with that wet weather that's letting up a whether i believe right now except for in the sierra right now. 2 to 4 feet possible through 10:00 a.m. thursday. we're going to get a couple of inches of rain from this evening through tomorrow morning. and number two, of course, that means a lot of wet pavement forthe commute. we're looking live at the san mateo bridge it does look like we still have that far right lane blocked, that tow truck getting hooked up to a vehicle that lost control and hit the right guardrail. just a good idea to slow down and take it easy today. number three, if you're driving into san francisco from marin, the golden gate bridge only has three lanes open instead of four. crews can't shift to the usually lain configuration until it's fixed. number four, the niners are searching for a new gm and head coach. several offensive coordinators, including the patriots' josh mcdaniels are reportedly scheduled to interview for that coaching job. number five, crabbers and
6:56 am
wholesalers will meet today to try to end a strike that is stalled crab season. a wholesaler wants to negotiate the price from $3 to $2.75 a pound. number six, congress is returning to washington today. the gop-led house and senate are planning votes to replace parts of obamacare in the first days of the trump administration. and number seven, i'm sorry, but i can't stop watching this video. i can't. it's a problem. all right. so, there's new information about this mariah carey performance. dick clark productions say that the diva didn't rehearse and used a stand-in, even though she was nearby. her camp fired back, saying she did rehearse. in fact, i just read a lengthy rebuttal by mariah carey's manager which i found very interesting because he claims that she said multiple times, yanlt hear anything in my ear before it started. for many minutes and they did nothing to solve the problem. we will discover much more
6:57 am
we will discover much more about this, we
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, airport nightmare. as millions return from the holiday, a massive computer outage across the country at the nation's biggest airports. >> it was just chaos. >> thousands stranded in line for hours. reports of passengers fainting and getting sick. fire and rescue called in. and the big security questions this morning. deadly weather outbreak. at least 12 tornadoes reported. flash floods hit the south, killing at least five people, destroying homes. now new tornado warnings this morning, as heavy rain moves into the northeast with an arctic blast right behind. new bombshell overnight as republicans and congress move to strip power from an important government watch dog. president-elect trump back to business, calling out north korea on their nukes. kellyanne conway here one on one.


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